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Bread Make Up Plant

Bread Make Up Plant
Bread Make Up Plant
Product Code : 19
Product Description
Bread Make up Plant consist of 3 machines Namely:

Volumetric divider :
It is used to divide the dough for the size desired and round it. it combines the work of both divider and rounder.

Inter proffer :
Once the dough is divided and rounded it is fed into the inter proffer for intermediate proofing.

Maxi Moulder:
Once the Dough is proofed it is fed into the maxi moulder for moulding and then sent for baking.

Bread Make Up Plant consist of the single pocket volumetric divider , inter proofer, horizontal maxi molder. The Production capacity of this plant is 2000 pieces per hour. The 3 machines perfectly synchronizes with each other to make the processing successful.


Step 1: The Dough if fed into the Single Pocket Volumetric Divider which then divides the dough for the desires weight and rounds.

Step 2: The Rounded dough is then fed into the Inter Proofer which proofs the dough for about 6 min.

Step 3: Once the dough is proofed it is then fed into the horizontal maxi moulder which is used to mould the dough. Once the Moulded dough is placed into the mould it is sent for baking.
  • Frame made of mild steel plate
  • Cylinder head made of stainless steel
  • Piston made of food grade nylon
  • Speed variation-Electronic
  • Machine on wheels for easy transport
  • Piston & Cylinder lubrication - done by closed circuit system with oil pump stainless steel hopper -with non stick coating
  • FIour Duster(Optional)
  • Digital Piece Counter
  • Interfacing facility for linking with inter proover and molder
  • Single Piston Divider/ Rounder
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