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Bakery Ovens

  1. Direct Gas Fired (DGF) Oven

    The high quality Direct Gas Fired (DGF) Ovens are exported and manufactured by Arun Laser Ovens Pvt. Ltd. These are suitable for Crackers (soda & cream), snacks / fermented products that need short baking duration along with high heat input particularly at the commencement of baking cycle. On client's special request, we can fit this kitchen equipment / oven with a turbulence system, which may increase the conditions for achieving uniform baking. So far as heat transfer is concerned, this oven is highly efficacious. In the baking chamber, the humid environment is better and higher than the other similar ovens. The said environment is helpful in preventing the formation of skin in the dough's surface. This means that the baked product can easily expand completely in height along with ascertaining better more efficacious extraction for extra humidity from the core of dough.
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  2. Tunnel Oven

    Arun Laser Ovens Pvt Ltd. is No1 Bakery Machinery Manufacturer in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. Our range of Bakery machinery like Tunnel Ovens ,Direct Gas Fired (DGF) Oven ,Cyclothermic Oven ,Hybrid Oven ,Convection Oven .
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  3. Cyclothermic Oven

    We offer Cyclothermic Ovens which are based on "Indirect Radiating". These are perfect for conditions where gentle baking is needed. This kitchen equipment is recommended for making biscuits in types viz deposited, hard sweet, wirecut or rotary molded. Owing to presence of Slat Type Conveyor, these ovens are also suitable for baking muffins, cakes, or bread in metal trays. The baking chamber of Cyclothermic Ovens comprises a set of tubes, which are placed above & below the conveyor. These tubes are responsible for transferring the heat to dough pieces. The hot air is heated via a burner and is then forced into the tubes via a fan blower. These best feature of this type of oven is that the fuel combustion products and the dough pieces are never in contact with each other.
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  4. Hybrid Oven

    For finest grade hybrid ovens, choose the ones manufactured by Arun Laser Ovens Pvt. Ltd. Every dough piece requires different amount of heat throughout the baking procedure. Initially the heat required is high and upon establishing the structure, heat required increases further that too in a gentle manner. All these ups and downs in the heat amount of the baking process, it is required to use a Hybrid Oven that has a radiating heat initially, which is consequently followed by the convection heating at the end of process.
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  5. Convection Oven

    The avant-garde Convection Oven is suitable for all kitchens to make a variety of recipes with perfect taste. We offer this kitchen equipment in a numbers of designs and other technical specifications.Direct Convection The direct convection oven is suitable in condition where heat is provided to dough via hot air. Herein, a temperature of 220 to 250OC is achieved for heating air. The hot air is transported to baking chamber, where it is blown on the product's top and bottom to bake it. The said hot air is evenly distributed in the baking chamber in a passim manner. The direction convection baking is used in last sections of oven, at the end of former Direct Gas Fired section.
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